It’ s been over a month since I shared a recipe, and it feels like it’s been that long since I set foot in my kitchen.  My work requires a lot of travel, so I haven’t been home much.  And when I have been at home, I just haven’t felt like cooking.  At least I haven’t felt like cooking until now.

Inspiration came in a big heavy surprise box in the mail from my aunt and uncle: COOKBOOKS!!  They sent Breakfast at Brennan’s, Fresh Pasta and a Cordon Bleu cookbook.  All three have lots of yummy recipes I can’t wait to try. 


Also a sourse of inspiration — though in a weird way — are the 20 pounds of clams awaiting me when I get home tomorrow.  A friend of mine went clamming and came home with enough clams for the cast of A Chorus Line.  So Saturday night we’re having a clam-a-palooza (a sampling of all sorts of clam dishes).   I’ll post the results!