For my friend who needs something groovy for a multicultural potluck at her munchkins’ school, here is a recipe I learned in Nome for agutaq (also known as Eskimo Ice Cream).  Agutaq is traditionally made with tallow, seal oil, berries and sometimes, fish flakes.  

Here is a picture of what traditional agutaq looks like:

This recipe is a more western version (no fish flakes).


3 cups Crisco

2 cups sugar

6 cups blueberries or cranberries, rinsed, drained and patted dry

water as necessary

How it’s made:

Beat the Crisco and sugar together, adding water as necessary, until whipped and fluffy.  Fold berries in with a spatula.  Serve with crackers, chocolate wafer cookies, or something similar.

The results:

Not for everyone, but some people really like it.