Inspired by the success of my holiday trifle, and a recipe for homemade banana custard and nutter butter trifle, I made these low-cal and (almost 100%) sugar free desserts for a spontaneous dinner party. 


Sugar free instant Jell-o banana pudding
1% milk
Sugar free Cool-Whip (barely thawed)
Reduced fat vanilla wafers

How I made it:

Make the pudding according to the box, using the low fat milk.  After it has set, assemble the trifles in small glass dessert dishes or fancy cocktail glasses (I used stemless martini glasses). 

Place a layer of vanilla wafers at the base of the glass or dish.  Top with a layer of banana pudding, then the barely thawed (so it’s still cold and firm) cool whip.  Follow with more vanilla wafers, pudding and coolwhip.  Finish with a vanilla wafer tucked into the cool whip on top.


The result:

The presentation is important (otherwise it’s just a suburban diet trick). It’s cool, creamy, and very banana-y.  As good as my mother’s banana pudding, but with a lot fewer calories.   And, for the low-carb eater, it’s a nice treat (just minimize or avoid the cookies).