Cooking for one has its perks. Dinner can be wheat thins and pineapple from the can, and you don’t have to feel guilty about not achieving the recommended daily servings of anything. You can also try new things without fear of mutiny or reprisal.

Cooking for one has its down sides, though. Fresh vegetables spoil before you eat them all. The fridge gets packed with all the leftovers from the recipes for 2 you make (but don’t feel like eating again any time soon). And staples sometimes pass their sell by date.

Tonight’s dinner creation is a combination of what’s good — and not so good — about cooking for one.


1 chicken breast or 2 chicken tenders
1 cup Barilla Plus bow tie pasta  
(my plan to use rice was foiled when I discovered my box of Jasmine Rice expired in 2009)
1 cup frozen broccoli florets
1 cup frozen carrot coins
1 jar Thai Kitchen panang curry simmer sauce

How I made it

Bake the chicken in a foil packet in a baking dish at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. When it’s done, cook the pasta according to the box.

While the pasta water is boiling, bring the panang curry simmer sauce to a simmer in a non-stick skillet.  Add the chicken, turning to coat in the sauce. Let it simmer gently over medium-low heat until everything else is done.

Five minutes before the pasta is done, add the frozen broccoli and carrots to the pasta pot. When it’s done, drain, but do not rinse, the pasta and veggies. 

Add the pasta and veggies to the skillet, stirring gently to coat.  Serve immediately.

The result

Pretty tasty. Water chestnuts might be a good addition (my can of those in the way far back of the cabinet was also expired). The panang curry is light and flavorful, though not as good as Seeds of Change Korma Sauce. Best of all, it only makes 1 serving — so no leftovers to languish in the fridge.