I am terrible about buying fruits and vegetables and then not eating them before they spoil.   Today, I realized I had apples and pears on their way out, so I decided to save them by making applesauce.  This is a supremely easy recipe, and the results are yummy.

Ingredients:Best applesauce

4 organic honeycrisp apples
1 organic anjou pear (or another apple)
4 cups water
1/3 cup organic sugar
1 tsp organic cinnamon

How I Made It:

Bring 4 cups of water to a simmer in a large saucepan.

Chop the apples and pear into large pieces, leaving the skin but discarding the core and stem.  If you have persnickety folks who don’t like skin, you can peel them if you want.  Add the fruit to the water, cover, and let cook for 7 minutes or until soft.

Drain the fruit and then transfer it to a food processor. Add the sugar and cinnamon. Using the pulse function, process the fruit until it is the consistency you like.  I stopped when it was chunk-less, but not 100% pureed.

Serve warm or cold.

How It Turned Out:

Tasty!  Served warm, if was a comforting and sweet treat.  I’m sure it will be good cold, too.  And I’m already planning to make a big batch to keep in the refrigerator so I have it on hand to fill tart shells and turnovers, put on top of oatmeal, and blend into spice cake.

Makes 20 ounces of applesauce.