My best friend loves cucumber sandwiches.  They make her feel like she’s a Victorian lady in an astonishingly large hat gossiping at the tea table.  There are many variations on the theme of the cucumber sandwich — some basic, some exquisite.  I tend to favor the exquisite, as long as I’m not making them.  When it’s time for me to make them, I go for simple. This recipe is easy to make, but has a little more sophistication than just a swipe of cream cheese and cucumber.

Ingredients:Cucumber Sandwiches 2

8 slices of whole grain white bread
1/2 cup of Skotidakis Dill and Cucumber Yogurt Dip
16 thin (but not too thin) cucumber slices

How I Made Them:

Cut the crusts off the bread slices, and then cut each one in half.  Spread a little of the cucumber dill dip on each piece of bread. Sandwich two cucumber slices between two pieces of bread to make a little sandwich.  Voila!

How They Turned Out:

The greek yogurt dip is more complex than cream cheese, without overwhelming the cucumber. The whole grain white bread prevents the sandwiches from being too soft and smooshy. These stand up better to the filling, but they aren’t the ladylike lily-white color that you find at the tea shoppe. Even so, the praise was high: “I feel like I’m at the Empress having tea!”