I love all things Caprese (not just the salad, the island, too!).  Caprese salads are so simple and so tasty.  But, they can also be a bit . . . mundane.

So this year, for my holiday feast (which had an Italian theme) I decided to do something different. But what? And then, while I was watching the Curious George Holiday Movie with my favorite five year old, I saw just the thing — Tomato Snowmen!

The Italian chef on Curious George’s street makes them, and they are the Man in Yellow Hat’s favorite.  Curious George tries to make them as a Christmas gift for him, with disastrous results. Thankfully, mine turned out nicely with no monkey business.


Cherry tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella medallions
Fresh organic basil
Long toothpicks
Balsamic vinegar for drizzling

How I Made Them:

Just as you would expect — stack the tomatoes, with bites of mozzarella and basil in between, on the long toothpicks to make a Caprese Snowman.  Plate and serve as an easy starter.

Caprese Snowmen