It’s nearly a month late, but I finally had my birthday party today. To celebrate getting older and actually settling into my own skin, I invited a dozen of my groovy girlfriends to a BELLYDANCING PARTY! And what else would you serve to get your wiggle on than fabulous gourmet gell-o shots!

These easy recipes all use Knox gelatin and fruit juice, with a complementary liquor.

Limoncello Shots

Prepare your mold or containers by putting a curl of lemon zest in each receptacle. Heat 3/4 cup of water in the microwave to boiling. Whisk in 3 packets of gelatin until dissolved. Add 1 cup of cold lemonade, the juice of the lemon you zested, 1/2 cup of club soda (for fizz,) and a 1/2 cup of limoncello. Whisk gently to combine the ingredients. Poor the mixture into the mold and then put them in the fridge to set.


These were the best of the three. I used a silicon mold, which worked really well. The lemon taste was bright and not too tart. The lemon zest was startling after the cool jelly on the tongue. 

Cherry Vanilla Sweetheart Shots

Heat 1/2 cup of black cherry juice in the microwave until very hot. Whisk in one packet of gelatin until dissolved.  Add 1/2 cup of vanilla vodka and whisk gently to combine.  Pour the mixture into a heart shaped mold and then put in the fridge to set.


I thought these were . . . unsettling . . . in appearance.  Too dark and glisteny.  They tasted wonderful, and the girls ate them all up first.  I’d make them again, but maybe dilute the juice or make a layered version so that they are less intense looking.

Peach Fizz Shots

Heat 1 cup of peach nectar in the microwave until very hot. Whisk in 2 packets of gelatin until dissolved. Add 1/2 cup of plain vodka and whisk to combine.  Add 1/2 cup of club soda (don’t whisk).  Pour into the mold and put in the fridge to set.


These turned out super peachy, with a kick.

One note — candy molds sound like a good idea for making these.  They’re not.  Stick to silicon or a basic ice tray, if you want free standing shapes.  Or use little candy cups that people can slurp from.


For Christmas Night, we made mulled wine. It’s very easy. Combine 1/2 gallon apple juice, one bottle of rich red wine (a merlot or burgundy), and a 1/2 cup of mulling spices (tied up in a cheesecloth bag) in the crock pot.  You can also add orange slices for flavor and garnish.  Let warm on the low setting and serve from the crock pot. It’s yummy!

Mulled Wine