Lemon Berry Trifle

This berry trifle rests on the very BEST lemon cake recipe I’ve come across — and of course it’s from Ina Garten. Whip up this lemon cake (I’m feeling lazy tonight, so I’m not retyping it here). Instead of loaf pans, use a sheet cake pan. When the cake is cool, cut it into one […]


Sugar-free Banana Trifle

Inspired by the success of my holiday trifle, and a recipe for homemade banana custard and nutter butter trifle, I made these low-cal and (almost 100%) sugar free desserts for a spontaneous dinner party.¬† Ingredients Sugar free instant Jell-o banana pudding 1% milk Sugar free Cool-Whip (barely thawed) Reduced fat¬†vanilla wafers How I made it: […]